How to Tighten the Breast Skin

Every woman wants a perfect breast and not sagging. For women a lot of ways to get the beautiful breast shape. One of them uses a mask. Not only the face, breasts should be treated well with eating a healthy diet and use a variety of means from the outside. Not only face, breast skin will loosen when not taking care of and provides good nutrition.

Cucumber mask:

Natural ingredients can be used as a magic potion. But, most ingredients such as chamomile flowers and nettle, now hard to find. But you can still make a breast mask using the cucumber.

Offered from one of the local sites, cucumbers contain a lot of water, vitamin A, B2, and C that could weaken the dark melanin. In addition, the cucumber also could make the skin becomes toned and feels spongy. Make the breast will be lifted and toned.

Vitamin C also contained in cucumber could brighten the skin and remove dead skin cells. Make the breast skin becomes smooth and clean. To create a mask from the cucumbers, mixing with various other natural ingredients. Like lime or lemon and honey. The third of these ingredients in addition to smooth skin can also make the skin become firmer.

Puree the cucumber and mix honey and lemon juice. Once well mixed, apply materials on both breasts that are already well cleaned. Let the herb for 15-20 minutes. After that rinse clean with warm water. If you know how to massage the breasts, breast massage does too after wearing the mask. For added smoothness and skin health, you can use natural oils such as olive or coconut oil for doing massage.

This massage will make the blood circulation around your boobs smoothly. So can prevent from various dangerous diseases, including breast cancer. This mask can use each once a week. Do with the routine to get maximum results.